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Estate Planning and Asset Protection Lawyers

Protect who - and what - you love

Having our legal team assist you with a valid will, Enduring Powers of Attorney and estate planning advice will save a lot of heartache, time and money down the track for your loved ones.

We’ll sit down together and sort it all out with our independent legal advice. We’ll make sure your affairs are structured to best reflect your wishes and we’ll discuss ways to best guard against estate claims and challenges. If those do happen in the future, we can help with that too.

Let’s talk about wills and estates and all that stuff no one really wants to talk about because it’s really important.


Who gets what and when? We will discuss your circumstances and wishes and prepare a will tailored to your unique situation. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that your loved ones will avoid the unnecessary stress, financial pain and delays that can happen when someone dies with an unclear or out of date will, or even without a will (intestate).

Trust Establishment & Administration

We provide clients with trust establishment, administration, review, restructure, and distribution advice.  We also advise you on the establishment and administration of charitable trusts and on compliance with the Charities Act.

Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPOA)

We provide independent legal advice about setting up and updating your EPOA for Money and Property and your EPOA for Personal Care and Welfare.

EPOAs should be set up well in advance of needing them (and you never know when you’ll need one), so let’s talk.

Estate Administration

We’ll guide you through the Family Protection Act, the Law Reform (Testamentary Promises) Act, and the Property (Relationships) Act and their potential impact on your will and estate. This means your wishes will be legally carried out when your estate is distributed.

We can also assist if you are administering or executing an estate.

Meet your local Arnet Law estate planning and asset protection lawyers

Make an appointment with us to help make it easy when it comes to your estate.

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