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Limited Licences

If you lose your licence due to conviction for drink driving or other traffic related charges, or you are suspended from driving due to accumulating 100 or more demerit points, it can risk your livelihood, affect your family and also your employer. In that event, you may wish to apply for a Limited Licence.

We can help.

There are two grounds to apply for a Limited Licence. Extreme hardship for yourself or undue hardship for someone else, which could include your family or employer although this list is not exhaustive.

Limited Licences carry restrictions including the vehicle you can drive, the hours and days you can drive and you will be required to carry a log book to record the starting mileage and end mileage of each journey. The restrictions are designed to address the extreme or undue hardship to the extent deemed necessary rather than remove the inconvenience of the disqualification or suspension entirely so thought needs to be put into the conditions sought.

You will need to apply for an order seeking a Limited Licence, this will outline which ground you are applying under, either extreme hardship or undue influence. You can consider using both as long as there is justification.

We can assist you with preparation of your application and supporting documents, working through appropriate terms, liaising with Police and appearing for you in Court.

For drink driving and other serious traffic charges, a 28 day "stand down" period applies. However we can prepare the documents in anticipation of that date and it is worthwhile contacting us as soon after disqualification as possible so that you are able to appear in Court as soon after the stand down period ends as possible.

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