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At Arnet Law, we specialise in Commercial, Property and Family Law

At Arnet Law, we provide a range of legal services to meet your needs. From wills and trusts to real estate sales and purchases, our expertise extends to complex areas such as business sales and acquisitions, construction contracts, divorces, financing, and relationship property. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

You’ll get expert legal advice from our straight-talking local lawyers at our two Auckland locations in Pukekohe and on Waiheke Island

We offer the following specialist legal services and advice at our Pukekohe and Waiheke Island offices in Auckland

Residential and Commercial Conveyancing

Subdivisions & Property Development

Construction Contracts & Dispute Resolution

Sales & Acquisitions of Businesses

Franchise Agreements

Commercial & Business Contracts

Commercial Property & Leases

Relationship Property

Division At Separation

Contracting Out Agreements (Prenups)

Asset Protection 

Family Law ​


Property Management and Welfare Guardianship Orders

Estate Litigation


Enduring Powers of Attorney

Estate Administration

Trust Establishment & Administration

Contracting Out Agreements (Prenups)

Banking & Finance Requirements


Debt Collection

Learn about our specialized areas of expertise. Get to know our expert lawyers today.

Our Expertise

We are involved in an extensive range of transactions from everyday transactions to the more complex and sophisticated dealings. We are well-connected within the local community, dealing with a range of well-developed, commercial companies. We are proud of our reputation for providing expert, yet practical, advice across all areas of commercial law.

We help our clients to grasp opportunities whether they are buying or selling their company. We do this by making sure that our clients understand their duties under the contract as well as the risks involved. In other words, we help our clients to be able to perform the transactions with ease and clarity.

We are involved with a variety of people such as clients, lenders, developers, contractors, investors, sponsors, or consultants. There a multitude of interacting activities involved. Each dealing has its own unique opportunities and risks. However. we pride ourselves on knowing the practical legal aspects in relation to the various dealings. This gives us an understanding of what all participants want and need to achieve.

Our transactional banking and finance knowledge enables us to advise in all types of lending transactions, including business, trade, acquisition, project, property, and asset financing (both domestically and internationally). 

We provide our clients with advice that allows them to experience transactions such as supply and distribution arrangements, licensing, logistics and warehousing, facilities management, franchising, joint ventures, sales and marketing, manufacturing, outsourcing, maintenance and support arrangements. We also advise on how to resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution rather that the lengthy course of litigation.

We advise clients on their rights and positioning under the Relationship (Property) Act 1976 as is with the Estate Administration. Advising them on what is relationship property which includes the family home, car, household furniture and appliances (even if one person owned this property before the relationship), and all property acquired by either partner during the relationship.

This includes mortgages, guarantees and indemnities, tripartite agreements, step-in arrangements, priority and security sharing documentation, performance bonds, and bank guarantees.

We advise clients  their need for a will, its requirements and their ability have in place a document that provides instructions for loved ones.

We advise clients effective funding structures for property acquisitions, property developments, and construction projects.

We provide clients with trust establishment, administration, review, restructure, and distribution. We also advise on the establishment and administration of charitable trusts and on compliance with the Charities Act.

We have an understanding of the Family Protection Act, the Law Reform (Testamentary Promises) Act, and the Property (Relationships) Act and their potential impact on wills and estates.

We are able to advise on all aspects of financial restructuring and insolvency. These involve advising on transactions such as complex debt restructurings, corporate collapses, receiverships and liquidations.

We cover all aspects of the family law umbrella including - Protection Orders, PPPR applications (property manager/welfare guardian). We can also advise on Estate Litigation.

We can assist our clients in obtaining a summary judgement for any debt owed to them.

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