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Purchasing a House? We have your pre-settlement checklist

The pre-settlement inspection is to ensure that the purchaser can inspect and be satisfied with the condition of the property before it formally transfers hands. Give at least two days before settlement date for a pre-settlement inspection to be completed. This is normally done via contacting the real estate agent or vendor.

It is often helpful to bring a copy of the sale and purchase agreement with you to the inspection so you can refer to any conditions that might make a difference to the inspection (e.g. any condition providing that a a chattel or chattels might be transferred on an “as is where is basis”).

Things to look out for: Within the House

  • All Light switches / outlets are in working order

  • All windows & doors have no defects and open and close smoothly

  • All locks are secure, provided keys / keycodes function, garage door remote works

  • All taps are functional with no leaks

  • Ceiling has no cavities or leaks

  • No mold, stains, defects on walls and floors / carpet

  • Alarm systems (if any) are fully operable (Smoke / Fire / Security)

  • Hot water system fully functional


  • Extractor / Ventilation fan is in working order

  • Toilet flushes correctly, no blockages in plumbing

  • Drainage is appropriate for shower / vanity / toilet

  • Water pressure is satisfactory


  • Rangehood works and is to an adequate standard of cleanliness

  • Oven / dishwasher / hotplate / stove are fully functional and sufficiently clean


  • Check that all chattels listed on the S&P agreement are present and in working order (e.g. Appliances like the washing machine dryer are fully operable)

Outside the House

  • No defects to fencing / driveway

  • Survey the condition of the backyard and ensure that it is satisfactory

  • Drainage systems are fully functioning

Lastly ensure that if the vendor has agreed to carry out maintenance / repairs, check that the matters have been completed satisfactorily. Make sure that all occupant’s belongings have been removed or will be able to be removed at settlement.

It is also a good idea to ensure that both parties establish where the responsibility lies with regards to rubbish disposal upon settlement.

If you do run into any issues that need to be rectified do let us know as it will be much easier rectify pre-settlement as opposed to post settlement.

Have more questions about pre-settlement inspections or need expert guidance on property transactions? We're here to help! Feel free to Visit Our Website for personalized advice and assistance. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your property buying experience is smooth and hassle-free.


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