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First Home Buyers

Buying your first home? No idea where to start?

Sometimes we wish there was a hand to hold, or a map to read to get to our final destination- in this instance- the relief and satisfaction of having moved all your belongings into your very own home.

We are here to help make that journey as smooth as possible (without physically holding your hand, sorry).

Your first step is a financial process, working out what is going to be affordable for you. Talking to a mortgage broker or Bank is a good place to start to figure out how your finances can be arranged to sustainably afford your first home.

At Arnet Law we can assist in your application for a First Home Withdrawal from your Kiwisaver and, if eligible, Homestart Grant, which may help you into your first home.

The next step is the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Whether you are making an offer through a Real Estate Agency, at auction, or first build, by engaging in our services at Arnet Law we will help review the Agreement with you. If you wish to talk via a face- to face meeting, over the phone, or email, together we can discuss the ‘conditions’ of the Agreement and other words that may seem foreign, such as;

  • LIM Report

  • Building Report

  • Finance

  • Pre/ Settlement

  • Deposit

  • Certificate of Title (Easements, covenants, restrictions)

  • Unconditional

By visiting our website at you can review our terms of engagement, and make contact with one of our specialty property and commercial team members. Together, we can work towards reaching that desired destination.

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