relationship property and the death of a partner

Where one spouse dies leaving a souse of defacto partner, the surviving spouse or defacto partner has two choices. They can choose to either: (a) to apply for a division of relationship property under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (“the Act”); or (b) take under their deceased partner’s will or the laws of intestacy. This can be a very important choice for the surviving spouse or defacto partner if they have not been provided for in their deceased partner’s Will. Option A has the effect of treating death like separation under the law. This means that all property jointly owned or acquired during the relationship will be treated as relationship property and therefore divided equally be

first home buyers

Buying your first home? No idea where to start? Sometimes we wish there was a hand to hold, or a map to read to get to our final destination- in this instance- the relief and satisfaction of having moved all your belongings into your very own home. We are here to help make that journey as smooth as possible (without physically holding your hand, sorry). Your first step is a financial process, working out what is going to be affordable for you. Talking to a mortgage broker or Bank is a good place to start to figure out how your finances can be arranged to sustainably afford your first home. At Arnet Law we can assist in your application for a First Home Withdrawal from your Kiwisaver and, if

limited licenses

If you lose your licence due to conviction for drink driving or other traffic related charges, or you are suspended from driving due to accumulating 100 or more demerit points, it can risk your livelihood, affect your family and also your employer. In that event, you may wish to apply for a Limited Licence. We can help. There are two grounds to apply for a Limited Licence. Extreme hardship for yourself or undue hardship for someone else, which could include your family or employer although this list is not exhaustive. Limited Licences carry restrictions including the vehicle you can drive, the hours and days you can drive and you will be required to carry a log book to record the starting mi

anti money laundering

The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Amendment Act 2017 (AML/CFT Act) – Whats required? It has been reported by the Justice Department that every year around $1.35 billion of proceeds from fraud and illegal drugs are laundered through New Zealand businesses. Criminals launder money through businesses to avoid detection. Those who finance terrorism to support violent causes also use this method to disguise who is providing and receiving the money. The AML/CFT Act is designed to address this. Clients are legally required to supply to their lawyers a certified passport or New Zealand drivers’ licence or equivalent and a current utility bill and bank statement to verif

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